Premier Performance®

Premier Performance®is an innovative and comprehensive band method written with one primary goal:providing band directors with the most effective and logically sequenced instructional materials for young instrumentalists.Premier Performance® is carefully structured to develop the three cornerstones of outstanding musicianship: superior tone quality, accurate rhythm reading skills and technical facility.Strong emphasis is placed on rhythmic development since this may be the greatest challenge facing first and second year students.

Premier Performance® Book One and Book Two each offer instrument specific downloadable accompaniments.

The first accompaniment track features a professional musician playing the melody line so students can hear and emulate the sound of their own instrument. The second track eliminates the melody line and provides the background accompaniment so students may play independently. The accompaniments include solo and solo accompaniment for each student method book.

Premier Performance® is also available on PracticeFirst™ and SmartMusic®.

The BAND DIRECTOR'S RESOURCE MANUAL features outstanding additional material for utilizing Premier Performance®. Twenty-six instrument outlines provide guidance for identifying and addressing commonly encountered problems. Instrument specific page-by-page suggestions for the student method books enhance band director success. Nineteen additional rhythm charts and four music theory pages further emphasize the development of music reading skills. Historical descriptions of the various time periods include suggested listening, composer biographies, interdisciplinary time lines and assessment quizzes. A CD ROM is included for easy reproduction of student material.

Ed Sueta Band Method

The Ed Sueta Band Method is a systematic method based on syllables, rhythm charts and motor coordination of the foot and fingers which lead to a sound rhythmic perception. The primary emphasis of the method is on rhythm because the development of music reading skills is the major hurdle for beginning instrumentalists. Each book contains a sequential, comprehensive set of at least ten rhythm charts. The Ed Sueta Band Method has become a respected standard which continues to be used by band directors with great success today.

                 *** The Play-Along Accompaniments for both Books One and Two are accessible
                       at no charge by clicking "Students: Play-Along" on the left side menu.  ***

There are over 50 tracks per level. If you are a director and would prefer the CD itself, please contact us directly at our toll free number - (888) 725-2333. There are no accompaniments for Book Three.

The Teacher's Manual for Book One is now available on CD ROM only.


consists of fifteen carefully crafted beginning band arrangements which take into consideration the ranges and abilities of young instrumentalists.  Various musical styles are represented including marches, jazz and rock.  The first eleven arrangements are Grade 1 and the last four range from Grade 1 1/2 to 2.  The fifteen arrangements are a tremendous value and are only a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual arrangements.  Please see Conductor's Score for sample pages.

Primo Concert Medleys

Primo Concert Medleys
is a series of unison medleys of familiar songs which are fun and easy to play.  The rhythms of the songs have been altered so students are required to exercise their music reading skills.  The optional piano accompaniment provides stability for young instrumentalists.  Only six notes are used throughout the arrangements so they are ideal for a first assembly or concert.  Please see Keyboard/Conductor for sample pages.

Duet Adventures

Duet Adventures
contains a carefully selected variety of eleven first year duets for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet and trombone with an optional piano accompaniment.  The songs may be played with several different instrument combinations so friends from different sections are able to practice and perform together.  Duet Adventures is also an excellent option for small mixed instrument lesson groups.  

Musical Artistry Series...

The Musical Artistry Series features 86 individual trios and quartets of varying levels representing a wide repertoire of musical styles. This series was developed in response to repeated requests from band directors for ensembles, which are playable yet challenging. The pieces are ideal for festivals, contests and concerts and have been chosen for state performance lists throughout the United States.


Rhythm Vocabulary Chart Books

Please note that, like all publications in our catalogue, these books are not reproducible.  A minimum of ten copies of each rhythm book must be ordered.

Keys to Successful Piano Performance®

Keys to Successful Piano Performance® is the new Piano Series by William Workinger and Ed Sueta. The five volume series presents a logical, gentle sequence of concepts which are carefully reinforced to maximize student success. Five color-coded paths - Songs; Finger Patterns; Rhythm Patterns; Notes, Terms and Symbols; and Historical Views - develop technique and music comprehension. Keys to Successful Piano Performance® is ideal for both individual and group lessons - piano lab and private instruction. The first three volumes come with a complimentary CD.